NOTE: Spammers are using my domain tasweb.org to send spoofed emails. It is NOT me! I have set SPF records for the domain, the sending IP addresses are not from senders in those SPF records and the email's are clearly spoofed when you look at the headers so if you have received spam with random characters as the user name and tasweb.org in the received-from field then you may want to consider implementing some decent anti spam measures at your own end. There is nothing that I or anyone else in the same situation can do about it unfortunately.

The original Tasweb has served me well for a number of years, but I've been neglecting her and doing most of my updating on Facebook. The old PC that was hosting Tasweb was past it's use by date as well, so I have retired her. I've moved some of the more popular stories to this new look site so that they aren't lost forever.

You will find Phill's walk notes from his Tasmanian South Coast Track walk here

If your looking for the information on repairing a Dyson DC09 vacuum cleaner then it's now here

If your looking for the information on re programming a Mitsubishi Verada or Magna remote control then it's here

If your looking for Phill's favorite recipes, then they are here

If you came here hoping to find those crazy Asian virtual hairdressing games then you can try here and here or click here for the makeover game